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The Ribs Factory
The renowned Ribs Factory has a wide range of affordable menus which are also suitable for take-out. The Ribs Factory is specialized in spareribs: they don’t tell you they serve the best ribs, they prove it...! Visit the Ribs Factory to enjoy spareribs, chicken, tenderloin, and Tex-Mex hits like nachos, quesadillas, fajitas and burgers.

What we offer

What We offer
The Ribs Factory is located in Salinja and is specialized in Ribs and Tex-Mex food at a good price and with friendly service. The grill specialist on the Oude Caracasbaaiweg was made-over successfully. The varied menu receives numerous compliments. The cozy open terrace breathes a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy spare ribs, chicken and tenderloin, as well as Tex-Mex favorites like nacho's quesadillas, fajitas and burgers. Take-out is possible and you can even have the Rib's Factory specialties delivered to your home.